Saturday, 27 September 2014


A collage of the following items, dark red block heels, flannel shirt, dark pink and navy tartan check oversized scarf and a digital camera
New look: Dark Red Block Heel Chelsea Boots, £24.99 (buy here)
I love these burgundy ankle boots from New Look. They are a classic - wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses. Anything!

H&M: Flannel Shirt, £14.99 (buy here)
Autumn is finally here, which can only mean one thing, checkered shirts. I love this one from H&M as it can easily be dressed up or down – Checkered shirts look great layered over dress or tucked into jeans or a leather skirt. 

New Look: Dark Pink and Navy Tartan Check Oversized Scarf, £12.99 (buy here)
A classic oversized tartan scarf is a must this season. Tartan looks clean and classy against monochrome colours. 

Currys: CANON Ixus 155 Compact Digital Camera, £89.99 (buy here

At the moment, I take all my blog images using my phone, the quality on my phone is alright but I would like to invest in a high quality, compact camera. I found this CANON compact camera for £89.99 in Currys I may have to treat myself

What's your favourite item from this months wish list?


Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Blogging is not as easy as it looks! A lot of time and effort is put into every post but sometimes I struggle to find the right balance between blogging and school, I want to put in as much effort into my blog as I can but I also need time to revise and do homework. I wish non-bloggers knew how much time and effort is put into each and every post.

Photograph In Bulk
Take photos of 4 or 5 products at a time, then upload and save them to which ever device you use for blogging. This means that if you are ever struggling for time to take photos, you will always have some stored on your device for you to use whenever they are needed. 

Draft. Draft. Draft. 
Writing blog posts in advance is very useful. Dedicate one day a week preferably a weekend, where you sit and draft posts for the upcoming week. This saves a lot of time and means you will only have to worry about publishing the posts as it will already be written.

Get A Blogging Diary 
Get a notebook or diary to jot down ideas and post schedules, you can also use this to write down your school deadlines and what date you want to publish which post. It helps to keep you on track and stress free!

How do you juggle blogging and school?


Sunday, 14 September 2014


A screenshot of the polagram logo

I have recently found a new app called 'Polagram' which allows you to print pictures directly from your Smartphone, Facebook or Instagram!

- Want good quality Polaroid sized pictures? Download ‘Polagram' from your app store and order under my code PG60YSFC to get a free Polaroid.


Thursday, 11 September 2014


A shot of a Lush bag with a bath bomb on top
A shot of the bath bomb in water, with a tale of rainbow colours

A close up of the bath bomb fizzing in the bath

Recently I took a visit to my local Lush store and purchased the new 'Granny Takes A Dip' bath bomb.

Granny Takes A Dip’ has a refreshing citrus scent to it, and contains ingredients such as; lemon oil, black pepper oil and ginger oil. The lemon and ginger leaves your skin smelling amazing! The bomb turns your bath into an array of bright, vibrant, rainbow colours and is perfect for a Sunday pampering session.

I would definitely like to try some more products from Lush; ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar looks enticing.

What is your favourite Lush product? 


Sunday, 7 September 2014


Tomorrow I will be entering GCSE year, Year 10 and I will be studying German, Geography and Physical Education for the next two years. I am quite nervous to be starting GCSE's but I am also quite excited as I love the subjects that I chose and I am now also one year closer to leaving High school.

Keep Organised 
Make sure to hand every piece of work in on time and complete work the night it is set, so that you can have a stress free year and more spare time on weekends. Get a planner so that you can write down all of your exams dates, when you have to study, and when you have homework due. Time management is essential. If you're given an assignment that's due next week, don't procrastinate, get started within a few days of receiving it. The more time you have, the less you will be stressed.

Study. Study. Study 
Try to study in 20-50 minute intervals, taking five or ten minutes in between for a break. Breaking your studying into shorter periods of time will make it less of a chore also give yourself time to absorb the material before moving on. Make sure work is done before socialising, studying is a crucial part of learning, so do the work before heading out to have fun.

Be Optimistic
Being optimistic is always good. Seeing only the negative aspects of any situation can cause you to miss opportunities and neglect problems that need to be solved. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel and start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. 

Good luck to everyone starting high school, college or university!


Monday, 1 September 2014


A shot of different sized boats going down the River Great Ouse

A small stage with a band performing as a market town festival
A shot of the emirates cable cars overlooking Greenwich

A shot of a burger, chunky chips, a gherkin, a pot of mayo and elderflower flavour juice at Byron proper hamburgers
This photo is not my own and was sourced from Google images 

A shot of Brighton Pier
This photo is not my own and was sourced from Google images 

This summer has consisted in a high consumption of ice cream whilst indulging in the UK's unusually hot weather. 

I went to the Capital FM Summertime Ball back in June; it was my first ever festival experience! Some of the artists who performed at the STB were; Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran and many more. Possibly the best day of my life so far and I will hopefully be returning again next year!

In the month of July I went to the Bedford River Festival.  The festival was on Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th, I went with my sister and her boyfriend. It was a fun day, filled with live bands and an array of pop up shops selling little trinkets of jewellery and hand made items. I will definitely be attending the next River Festival in summer 2015. 

Also in July, my friend and I hopped on the tube and wandered around the city aimlessly. Our first stop was Greenwich, we went on the Emirates Air Line, it was a great new experience (click here to read the full post)

And lastly to end the summer, a few of my friends and I decided to take a day trip to Brighton which resulted in quite a lot of money being spent at the Churchill Square shopping centre. (click here for read the full post)

Last but not least

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who views my blog. I recently reached 2500 page views!

What was the highlight of your summer?

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