Sunday, 20 December 2015

Bath Time Essentials

I begin by running myself nice warm bath then I pour two handfuls of the Radox muscle soak bath salts under the running water. Unfortunately, I chucked away the box before I could photograph it for this post. The salts are extremely soft on the skin and leave your muscles feeling fully relaxed.

There are only two products I reach for when I am in the bath; one is a body wash and the other is an intimate skin wash. I love the Soap & Glory sugar crush range | Prices range from £4.00 to £9. Let’s begin with the scent, I am not usually the biggest fan of citrus scents but the lime oil and kiwi juice water come together beautifully. Making sure your intimate skin is kept clean and fresh is important. FemFresh | £3.69 (250ml) is a gentle pH balance wash for your intimate skin; recently they have extended their range and are now producing a variety of scents. Not much I can say about FemFresh other than it is a product that is definitely worth trying out and adding to your daily shower or bath routine!

After my bath I slather myself in the Soap & Glory Righteous butter | £10 (300ml).  I must admit the scent can be a little overpowering, however, the butter is phenomenal. It is formulated for dry skin and as someone who suffers from eczema, it can be very difficult to find body butters that are moisturising and do not feel heavy or irritate my skin.

When I am dry and in my fluffy Primark pyjama’s, I light my Christmas cookie Yankee Candle | £12.49 and watch a movie or series on Netflix.

Before bed I try to turn off my laptop, phone and tablet at least half an hour before bed so I can fully switch off. I make myself a caffeine-free mint infused tea and spend 10-15 minutes colouring. Colouring has been proven to de-stress and relieve anxiety – Adult colouring books can be found in almost every book shop, Johanna Basford adult colouring books are simply the best. 
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