Monday, 18 January 2016

Advantage Cards | Are They Worth It?

Are you a coffee lover, beauty addict or a struggling university student? There's an advantage card for everyone. A lot of you probably already have an advantage or beauty card but if you haven't you seriously are missing out. Advantage and beauty cards are completely free of cost. Simply, buy whatever you want, hand over your card to the cashier and there you go, points earned.  The more points you have the greater, the amount you can spend in store. Who doesn't love reaping a reward for a trip to the shops?

With the Boots advantage card, you earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. So, if you spend £40, that is £1.60 back on your card to spend on absolutely anything. One hundred points equates to £1 in both Boots and Superdrug. With the Superdrug beauty card, you only earn 1 point for every £1, however you can use your points to part pay, whereas with the Boots advantage card you can only use points to make a full purchase. I would say the Boots advantage card is more worthwhile as you can build points quicker than with the Superdrug beauty card. Also, Boots offers deals available to only card holders every couple of months. For further deals and offers you can download the Boots app which syncs with your advantage card, giving you personalised offers and deals. 

For any coffee lovers, Costa Coffee have also jumped on the advantage card bandwagon. Pick up a card in store or download the app. Then swipe or scan each time you visit their store and you will earn 5 points for every £1 you spend. Each point is worth 1p. To spend your points, protect your balance and earn 100 bonus points you have to register your card. Be sure to regularly check your balance and once you have enough points you can enjoy free treats.

Students, at Nandos, earn chillies each time you tuck into their PERI-PERI chicken, chillies bring rewards.Collect 3 chillies and get a 1/4 chicken or appetiser, 6 chillies equals a 1/2 chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta. Collect 10 chillies and get a whole chicken or single combo meal. Once you have filled the wheel for the first time, you just continue to go around, you won't lose any of your chillies. Rewards can be claimed whenever you want!

For those of you who enjoy a hearty meal at the Beefeaters, they now offer a reward card. Simply pick one up on your next trip and you will be given 300 complimentary points. You receive 5 points for every £1 spent, on your birthday you will receive a free meal AND every 500 points you will be given a £5 voucher to either use at the bar or to take off your overall bill! 
Which advantage cards do you use and would recommend? 

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