Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Everyday Makeup Look

Recently I have been wearing the products in the photo above to create a natural glowy everyday makeup look. I’m going to tell you a bit about why I love each product and how I use it.

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – Before I apply my foundation, I moisturise my face using E45 as I have dry skin, followed by a thin layer of Nivea Shaving Balm as a primer. I have clear skin so I usually go for foundations with a light coverage and a glowy finish as my skin can sometimes look a bit dull early in the morning.

LA Girl Pro Conceal – Next I apply this concealer under my eyes to brighten them and around my nose and chin as I have a few blemishes here. For the price, I think this concealer is amazing and the formula is much smoother and lighter than other concealers I have tried and it gives incredible coverage.

Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder – I watch a lot of American Youtubers and they are always raving about this setting powder so when I found out that they had it on Amazon for just £20 including shipping, I thought it was worth the try. I dip my beauty blender into the powder and I do a light dusting underneath my eyes, on my chin and over my eyelids. The powder is finely milled and has a yellow undertone and unlike the Ben Nye Banana powder, it does not give flashback when taking photos!

ABH Dipbrow Pomade – Ladies, if you are a brow fanatic like myself then put down whatever product you are currently using and go onto BeautyBay and order this product immediately along with the ABH number 12 brush. This product has a lot of hype and I must say it is worth the hype. The formula is creamy and waterproof (so you do not have to worry about your eyebrows sliding away if he decides to take you swimming on the first date) I would 100% recommend this to anyone with sparse, faint eyebrows who is unable to find a product that works for them. ABH has a wide variety of shades and undertones so there is a pomade for everyone!

theBalm Betty-Lou Manizer  I have only had this highlighter for 3 weeks and already I have fallen in love. If you are a WOC and you are looking for an affordable highlighter for your skin tone, I recommend this. It’s a bronzy copper highlighter with golden shimmer and although it is a powder highlighter it is not at all drying. Previously, I used to use the MAC mineralise skin finish in Global Glow but since purchasing this, it has been demoted to the back of my Muji drawers.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara – I am sure every beauty blogger has this lying around somewhere in their makeup collection. Without a doubt, this is my all time favourite high end mascara, I have tried a variety of drugstore mascaras and none of them compare to this one. It lengthens, curls and adds volume to your lashes, what more could you want?

Mac Whirl Matte Lipstick - Last but not least, my current favourite lip prouduct, Whirl. This is another very popular product amongst the beauty community and I purchased this a few weeks ago as I thought it was about time I got a MAC lipstick. Whirl is a pinkish-brown nude which looks amazing paired with the MAC chestnut lip liner, a great combo for an everyday look!


Monday, 20 June 2016

After a Prolonged Hiatus

If you are a regular reader of Fran & Co, then you may have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for almost four months, all for good reason. For the past four months, I have been concentrating on my studies and doing intense revision day and night leading up to my final exams. Well now they are over, I have a thirteen-week summer holiday to make up for the four months I have been away.

Some of you may be wondering how my exams went, I would say they went pretty well, my hard work most definitely paid off and hopefully my results will show the amount of effort I put in. Enough about school, exams and breaks, I am officially back and ready to dive in and share new and exciting content!

Whilst I have been away, I decided to create a blogging schedule to guarantee new content every week. As of today, I will be posting fortnightly on Monday’s at 6pm GMT and every Thursday at 5pm GMT. I will tweet a reminder an hour before upload, @franciscarockey, so you do not miss out!

I have a lot of exciting adventures planned for the next thirteen weeks and will be sure to document each and every one, here’s to a reformed Fran & Co. See you on Thursday!

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