Monday, 2 January 2017

Chapter 16

“If life was a book; every day would be a new page, every month would be a new chapter, and every year would be a new series.” 
I say this every year but an entire year has gone by and yesterday was be the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. A complete clean slate, a chance to redeem ourselves, a fresh start. Whatever went wrong last year, 2017 is the year to put it all right. Enter the year with a positive attitude and you will have a positive year.

Despite everything that happened globally over the course of 2016, it was another year of personal progress. January through to June were pretty standard, I was glued to my desk revising for hours on end waiting for my GCSE exams to arrive and pass so I could enjoy the 12 week summer break. Nothing bad happened but nothing particularly exciting happened either.  Then came July. 

In July, I took part in the national citizen service. If you are unaware of what NCS is, I documented my experience here | Why I Said Yes To NCS – I spent 4 weeks away from home and which forced me out of my comfort zone as I had to live with and make friends with people I did not know but were from Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

August through to December were pretty hectic. At the beginning of August, I was offered and accepted a new job. I previously worked at Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and after a while of being unhappy and needing a pay increase, I decided that after a year of working there it was time to find a new job, which was both closer to home and paid more. So for a while, I was working two jobs and my time at the sweet shop came to an end of August 27th. On August 25th, I received my GCSE results again if you would like to know how I did, I documented it here | So… What’s Next? – Before the month was up, I took a trip down to London and met Dalal Tahira from Monochrome Daisies in the flesh, I must say her skin is even more radiant in real life as it is online. Again, I documented it here if you are eager to see the photos I managed to snap of our day out in the city | Meeting Internet Friends

Let’s fast forward to September 12th, my first day at sixth form. I hated high school, I never really felt comfortable there so when it came to picking where to go to sixth form, I chose to go to a sixth form in a new town so that I could have a fresh start and be happy. My God was this the best decision I ever made. 3 months on and I absolutely love it. Nothing can prepare you for the work load that comes with A levels but once you get swing of things and learn how to manage your time appropriately, it’s a piece of cake | Surviving A Levels 

November 15th, I went to London to see Catfish and the Bottlemen live at Wembley Arena, I promised in my 2015 yearly round up that I would document all my adventures on my blog and I think this is the only thing that happened last year that I did not share. I had planned to but completely forgot to take blog worthy photos and I may or may not have fainted in a mosh pit. Well at least I gained a story to tell my future grandchildren.

Let’s fast forward again to December, on the 16th I successfully made it to the end of term 1 of Year 12, what a term it has been. The first term was a lot to take it in and the next few terms leading to exams will be even more intense but I’m ready for whatever A levels have to throw at me. Lastly, on December 26th, I turned 17. At last, I can learn to drive and donate blood. I had my first driving lesson on the 28th and it went really well, I will update you later in the year as to how they are going and when I eventually pass my practical, I plan on writing post offering tips and advice from personal experience for those of you who are thinking of learning but are unsure, be sure to leave a comment down below if you are interested. 

It is time to start thinking of things I would like to achieve and do in 2017. Firstly, I will make more time for friends and family. Sometimes I forget that I am only human and need a break so I am going to book a day off work every once in a while to do something non work or revision related. I have compiled a list of things I would like to do over the course of this year, which I will be documenting as I go through the year so keep your eyes peeled for all the fantastic opportunities I have planned.

Next year I will continue to be organised. This is something I did quite a lot in 2016 and next year this will be a even more crucial as I have my AS exams starting in May. I want to make sure I am fully organised so I can avoid unwanted stress and achieve the best possible grades as these will form my predicted grades which will aid my UCAS application later in the year. So that I have regular posts during the next few months, I will be continuing my 2016 blogging schedule into 2017 with a new post every two weeks on a Monday at 18:00 GMT. 

I will also be more adventurous and embark on new experiences and adventures. I have already booked a few experiences already; Two Door Cinema Club concert, Lion King in theatre, University open days, Reading Festival and I am also planning a weekend away for October half term which I cannot wait to blog about.

And lastly, this year I will to be content and appreciate the things I have and also the people in my life as 2016 taught us that tomorrow is never promised.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2016?

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