Monday, 17 April 2017

18 Things Before 18

Currently, it is 22:30 on Thursday 13th and I am bundled up in bed with a runny nose, feeling sorry for myself as I will be working over the 4 day Easter weekend. Since I am unable to sleep, I have pulled out my laptop and started writing. In 8 months, I will be turning 18 which means I will officially be an adult and I have compiled a list of a few things I would like to achieve by 26/12/17.

1. Pass my driving test: I had my first driving lesson on December 28th last year, two days after turning 17 and in a few weeks, I will be taking my test. I want to pass my test before June 30th as that is my last day at sixth form before the summer break.

2. Go to Reading Festival: Since I was 16 and in high school, I have wanted to go to Reading Festival and this year is the year. I am going the entire weekend with a small group of my close friends and of course, I will be documenting my experience. 

3. Dye my hair: I feel like I have been saying this for years but I have dark brown hair and for the longest time, I have wanted to dye it jet black. 2017 IS THE YEAR!

4. Get a car: This goes hand in hand with number 1. Once I pass my test, I will probably be eager to get on the road with my pink license at hand. 

5. Get a new piercing: Every year since 2011, aside from 2012, I have got a new piercing. Currently, I have 7 piercings and would someday like to have 10. I am undecided as to whether to get a navel piercing or a third lobe in my right ear to match the left. 

6. Meet another internet friend: Over the years, I have made quite a few friends online from all over the world. I have met a few of them in the past year and this year, I would like to meet another.

7. Join the gym: I went for a day trial at 'The Gym' and I have decided that once exams are over, I am going to upgrade my membership, go at least twice a week and start being more active. 

8. Explore a new city: In October, I am planning a trip to Edinburgh. Providing everything goes to plan, I will finally get to explore more of Scotland.

9. Buy a designer purse: Recently, my 5-year-old Primark purse gave in and the clasp broke which means I am now unable to close it. Instead of buying a cheap on to replace it, I am currently saving to make my first designer purchase at the end of the year. Justified as an eighteenth birthday treat to myself. 

10. Go camping: I have always wanted to go camping and in August, I will be camping for 5 days at Reading.

11. Say "Yes" to something that scares you: I have a massive fear of heights and often avoid rollercoasters or any rides above house height. This should be interesting.

12. Apply to university: In September, I will be entering my final year of compulsory education and applying to university somewhere up north. 

13. Take a social media detox: I have wanted to do this for a while and have even contemplated deleting all my social media accounts at some point. I need to learn to appreciate the world that's not on the internet. 

14. Get drunk: I am not one to drink to get drunk but everyone has to experience a regretful hangover at least once, right?

15. Get contact lenses: I have already had a contact lenses assessment at Specsavers but it has been 2 months and I still haven't bothered to book a teach me session.
16. Go to a blogger event: Providing I get invited to one 

17. Go to a throwback concert: If the rumours are true and N-Dubz get back together, I am expecting a reunion tour.

18. Visit the Saatchi gallery: I love galleries and the Saatchi in London is another that has been on my list for a while that I am yet to visit. 

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