Monday, 25 June 2018

My first tattoo and the meaning behind it

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Suprise! Your girl got her first tattoo, finally! This has been long awaited and something at the top of my summer bucket list. If you follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen that I had this done last Monday at Adrenaline Park Studios by a tattoo artist called David. I have had 6 piercings done at Adrenaline in the past, so I felt confident going to them for my first tattoo. 

My experience at Adrenaline was outstanding, the atmosphere was nice and chilled, which put me at ease and all the staff were super friendly and cheerful. As for the process of actually being tattooed, David told me a story about his tattoos while he was preparing the transfer paper for my design. I could tell that he was passionate about his work and I felt even more confident in his abilities through listening to his story. The pain of line work on your ribs is not as bad as I was expecting, I kid you not, my nipple piercing hurt a lot more. I would describe the pain as how I imagine it feels to be constantly stung by a bee and after a while, the pain started to feel rather therapeutic like how I imagine acupuncture would feel. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get their first tattoo!

So, I guess you're wondering what the meaning behind my tattoo is? I start by saying that I don't believe tattoos need a meaning. Some people just want to be expressive using their body or simply like a design and would like it tattooed on their body for no reason at all. The meaning behind my tattoo is very personal to me but I am completely comfortable sharing it with you guys. About 3-4 months ago, I was going through a rough time and during that time, a lot happened, a lot that has changed me mentally. During this time, I discovered a German dramatist called Bertolt Brecht and one of his plays, Lux in Tenebris. The play is about a moralist who campaigns for the closure of brothels, that part is completely irrelevant to my tattoo but its interesting. Lux in Tenebris is a Latin phrase meaning light in darkness, a phrase that has stuck with me and something I now tell myself when things go wrong. 


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