Monday, 9 July 2018


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There are nine weeks between now and the day I move out of my family home and into student accommodation for the next four years. I want to make the most out of the next nine weeks and my plans for the summer are finally starting to come together. 

July is set to be a busy month for me. I have already ticked off few things off the list of things I wanted to do this summer, I sold my first car, got my first tattoo and met up with Lucy and Becca before they set off on their summer travels. This weekend, I am taking part in the North London Tough Mudder Race, which I am very excited about. The gym has taken a bit of a back seat recently as I am working full time and after a 10-12 hour shift, I can't think of anything worse than heading to the gym. However, since selling my car, I have had to walk everywhere so, I am still keeping my fitness levels up. As I said earlier, I got my first tattoo last month and I have booked to have my second at the end of this month, so many people told me that once you get your first, you want to have your entire body covered, its true! I have set up a Pinterest board and everything. 

There will probably be a few unplanned days out, random nights out and family bbq's throughout July and August. The main thing I am excited about this summer is Reading Festival. I went for the first time last year, read the post here, and I had the best five days of my life. A lot of my friends are off to uni at the end of summer and we will all be scattered around the country so we decided to create one last memory while everyone is in one place.

What are your plans for the summer?


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