Monday, 13 August 2018


francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, small blogger, female friendships, girl power, sisterhood
francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, small blogger, female friendships, girl power, sisterhood
“The stereotype is that woman are catty and unfriendly to each other meanwhile we’re making 500 new friends in every bathroom line we stand in”

It's not Galentine's day but I think we should celebrate female friendships more often. It's your girl gang who you turn to when you’re feeling down and you need to be uplifted. When you’re dating someone new and you want the group chats approval or when you’re going through a break up and you need the girls to help you snap back.

Growing up, I struggled to keep female friendships. I was one of those girls with more guy friends than girlfriends. I think it was down to not being a girly girl growing up, I didn’t wear makeup, I wasn’t interested in hair and I didn’t look at guys in that way, I wasn’t your typical 16-year-old girl so I didn’t feel like I had a lot in common with other girls back in school. When I went to college, I started to venture out of my comfort zone, I started experimenting with makeup, playing around with hairstyles, I started to have things in common with other girls. I think this is when I realised the importance of female friendships. I can be open with my own gender, sorry guys but you just don’t understand the emotional side of being a female with female problems. When you’re having your 5th hormonal break down of the week and its only Tuesday, you need your best girlfriend to vent to.

I feel like female friendships are always being torn down on social media but when female friendships are good, they’re good! There is nothing like having a group of your closest girlfriends for a weekly or monthly catch up. I saw a tweet on twitter that said: “43% of being friends with women is us soothing each other after the world has convinced us our expectations were too demanding/unreasonable”. I love the girl power that comes from a group of females who have each other's backs through thick and thin. I love being able to be completely open about my feelings and knowing another female will understand.

Female friendships are comforting, beautiful and amazing.


Monday, 6 August 2018


francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, small blogger, august to do list, monthly goals, change of direction, new month
Summer is slowly coming to an end and the random pangs of excitement for Autumn are starting to kick in. I thought it was only fitting to kick off the new month with an August to do list because are you even a blogger if a new month rolls around and you don't post a to do list?

A few days ago, I tweeted about how summer's nearly over and I still haven't been to the beach. This month, that's all about to change as some of my work friends and I have booked a minibus for the day and are heading to Bournemouth beach at the end of the month.

Next month, I am off to university and before I move out, I have 101 bank statements, other random letters, PR packages and old clothes to sort through. I have been putting it off for a while now by dumping it in one of those huge IKEA bags because out of sight, out of mind right? Wrong, I have found myself peering in nervously as the stack has rapidly increased in size over the past 2 months. It's definitely time to sort my sh*t out before it gets any higher.

When you're in a hurry, it's so easy to spill some of your powder, mascara, foundation or blush onto your beautiful cream carpet. All around my room, there are random splogs of makeup stains that I've been meaning to scrub out. As this is my last month living at home, I am making it my top priority to get all the makeup stains out of my carpet.

Currently, I have 8 piercings and 1 tattoo and since I have been working full time over the summer, I have racked up a bit more disposable money than usual and have decided to treat myself to a new piercing and tattoo. I'm booked in for the 23rd so keep your eyes peeled on the gram as I will probably reveal them on there. 

Photography has never been my strong point, I'm not a photography student, I haven't been taking photos from a young age and I've never owned a camera. All my photos are taken on an iPhone 8 Plus and then I use various editing apps to enhance the image. A few days ago, I discovered a new editing app called RNI Films which I've been playing around with and I edited the photo for this post using this app, I love the polaroid feel of it. You'll be seeing a lot of changing in my Instagram posts and blog photos over the next few weeks.

What's on your August to do list?

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