Thursday, 20 September 2018


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Autumn is around the corner and my wardrobe is definitely not ready for the new season but I have accumulated a very very long list of saved items on ASOS ready for payday.

It seems last year’s teddy coat trend is here to stay and I'm not mad about it. I was a bit iffy about the trend last year but this year, I have fallen in love with this teddy jacket. It’s a bit more casual than the standard teddy coat which I like as it's more my style. 

Growing up, I hated being forced to wear a hat because they make my head look like a mushroom but last Autumn I decided to embrace my mushroom head. I want to spice things up a bit and get a few more different colours, I think this burgundy one would be a perfect addition to my Autumn wardrobe. 

This twisted v neck jumper isn’t the most appropriate for the weather but on days where you're feeling brave and you can bare the sharp breeze, this jumper is the one. I think it’s a nice piece to wear in an office, if you’re allowed to wear casual wear or for evening drinks with the girls. A very versatile piece which can be dressed up or down.

I have a confession, I hoard coats and jacket. The downstairs coat cupboard is fit to burst with coats and jackets I've collected over the years. Each year, I find an excuse to add to the collection because living in the UK, you can never have too many coats and jacket, amirite?
What’s on your lust list for the new season?


Monday, 10 September 2018


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It's that week where all my friends are heading off to uni and I'm coming to the realisation that I'm going to be alone for the next 3 months until they're back for Christmas. 

This is the first time in my life, that I have had to part ways with most of my friends. Up until this point, we've worked together, gone to school together or been friends since childhood and met up at least once a week. I know, I know, I can easily go and visit them on the weekend and what not but trains from London to anywhere past Hertfordshire are not exactly cheap and with a full-time job, I will only be able to visit around my work schedule as well as theirs. 

To make the separation a little less lonely, Printiki gifted me 30 prints of my best memories. Their site was super easy to use, I imported 30 pictures straight from my iPhone and went for the square M style for printing with a glossy finish. There was an option to add filters and captions to your prints but I just wanted to keep mine simple. Originally, I was going to use them to create a photo wall in my uni room but as I'm now taking a gap year, I thought why not put them good use in my bedroom at home. 


Monday, 3 September 2018


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You read that right, I’m taking a gap year. This isn’t a spontaneous decision, I have been considering taking a gap year since I started the whole UCAS process last year, but I got excited and decided to go ahead with going this year until results day rolled around. After withdrawing (this is a story for another day) from my firm and insurance choices, I was put into clearing and with little research got a place at somewhere I had previously applied to but declined their offer. After a few days of holding this place, I realised I didn’t want to go to a uni close to home and I felt pressured into my decision to go there.

Life comes at you quick and on the morning of results day you question every life decision you’ve ever made.

In two months, I’ll be reapplying to for what was my dream uni when I was first applying but I doubted myself and didn’t apply as I didn’t think I stood chance, but I have been in contact with the department for the subject I am applying for and I’ve been given the go-ahead to apply for next year.

So, what are you going to do over the next year? I have been applying for full-time jobs and by the time this post goes live, I will have heard back from the job I had an interview for last Monday. Fingers crossed I get the job, if not then my search will continue. I’m in a lucky position as I still have my current job which I have had since I was 16 and I can work there while applying for new jobs. I could stay at my current job for a year, but I want to gain new experience and grow as a person over the next year and I can't do that in an environment where I'm in my comfort zone. 

Are you going to travel? This is probably what is on a lot of your minds, whether I am going to travel during my gap year. The answer is yes but not until the very end. I am going to work all the way up until mid-August next year and travel for 2-4 weeks before I start my course. Yes, it’s not your typical 6+ months of travelling like most people do during their gap year but I am going to be saving from scratch and there are other things I would like to do over the next year aside from travel.

For those of you taking a gap year and doubting your decision, you won't always have this opportunity to take a year-long break but you will always be able to go to uni. 

Good luck to everyone going into their first year!

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