Thursday, 1 November 2018


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October has been a month full of lessons. I started the month working at ASOS and ended the month with a new job, new car and new friends. 

Every situation in life is temporary 
I started working at ASOS towards the end of September and I quickly realised the environment and job itself was not for me. It felt like I was back in school and I didn't have the best time in school and it brought back some bad memories. So, I made the decision to take myself out of that environment and into an environment I can thrive in. I handed in my notice at the beginning of the month and start applying for new jobs almost immediately. Within four days of being unemployed, I had secured a full-time position at a nearby bar. I promised myself when I left Mcdonald's, my job prior to ASOS, that if I wasn't happy in any future jobs, to leave rather than tolerate it. The feeling of unhappiness was there from my first day but I tried to make myself like it but you can't force things that are not meant to be. I'm a lot happier where I am now and I actually enjoy going into work each day, which is how it should be. 

The world really is your oyster 
We've all heard this saying and I never truly knew what it meant. When you've been in school for 13 years, you don't really have the time or think of life in the real world but now I'm out of the education system for the next 10 months, I can. I have never looked into what the world has to offer, the opportunities that lie outside my comfort zone. Instead of spending my paycheck on material items, I opened a savings account dedicated to travel and experiences. I think it's so important to experience the world from different perspectives. Not only do you start to have a new appreciation for your surroundings but you learn a lot about yourself, your likes, dislikes, limits and boundaries. 

Part of adulthood is accepting loneliness
Adulthood is lonely. For 18 years of my life, I was surrounded by family, friends, classmates and teachers, 5 days a week. And now, it's just me. I still have my family, I still have friends but I don't have classmates and teachers, they've been replaced by colleagues. I love my own company and often do things alone but adulthood brings a new kind of loneliness. Gone of the days where I could call a friend and they would be round within 5 minutes. Now, it takes 2-3 weeks to plan to see your friend on a day that suits both of your schedules. Some of your friends are at uni so their assignments take priority, some have babies, have moved out, moved country and your schedules don't match up so a Facetime catch up it is. Yes, I make time to see people who are important to me and vice versa but there are not enough hours in the days to work, eat, socialise and get enough sleep for your 8am shift the next day. It can often feel like you're in the world alone and no one has time for you but the truth is, we're all in the same boat, feeling the same way and trying our damn best. You learn to accept that you're going to be lonely a lot of the time and find new ways to keep yourself entertained. 

What did October teach you?


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