Thursday, 25 July 2019


As you may or may not know, I have been on a gap year for the last 12 months. I took a gap year spontaneously and you can read about why I took a gap year here. There are still a few more weeks left of my gap year and I plan on writing an entire post about what I got up to at the end of August but in the meantime, here's what an average week in my gap year looks like:

Wednesday 17th July
I woke up at 8am, took my pill, scrolled through twitter, jumped into the shower and ate breakfast. Ahead of moving to York for university in September, I have decided to sell my car and the buyer is picking it up today. Once my car was collected and documents were exchanged, I jumped back into bed, watched Matilda and took a nap. After my nap, I used my new burst of energy to start packing for university.

In the evening, I cooked dinner, watched Love Island, did my skincare routine and went to bed. Until Love Island finishes, this is my everyday night routine.

Thursday 18th July
I woke up at my usual time and did the same morning routine as yesterday. I'm off work again and I should be using my day to be productive but my period has started and it's too hot to do anything. So, I'm spending the day in bed, watching throwback movies (Matilda, HSM, She's the Man) while eating ice lollies instead of cooking proper meals. 

Friday 19th July
The usual morning routine and I'm working from 11:00 until 17:00 today, a nice easy shift to end the week. The live-action of Lion King releases in the UK and I'm hoping to go and watch it this evening. 

Update: My friend cancelled and I have a migraine, dinner and an early night for me!

Saturday 20th July 
I'm working from 08:30 until 17:00 with no plans for the evening other than to sleep earlier than the night before. 

Sunday 21st July 
I'm working again from 08:30 until 16:00. Same deal as yesterday, no plans but Love Island is on at 21:00 giving me something to look forward to. 

Update: I got promoted at work and I am about to be the first black, female manager. 

Monday 22nd July 
I start work at 11:00 and finish at 17:00 but before that, I need to go to the post office to post some eBay sales. No plans for the evening other than Love Island.

Tuesday 23rd July 
I'm off and heading out to meet fellow blogger, Emmanuela to shoot content for both our platforms. It's 30 something degrees, we're inhaling Calippo's between every shot and have just booked a trip to Brighton for next Saturday to shoot more content.

The usual evening routine.

Wednesday 24th July
A restless nights sleep due to the thunderstorm. My period has ended, the sun is still shining and spirits are high. One of the other managers has been signed off work for personal reasons and so, I've had to step up and now I'm doing my first management shift this evening. Wish me luck! I start at 16:00 giving me a few hours to write tomorrow's blog post and gather questions from my Twitter followers for a podcast Q&A. 

Update: I only had to manage for an hour before having to close the entire building due to a security breach. 

Another evening spent in bed, catching up on Youtube videos and waiting until 9pm for Love Island.

This is the reality of being on a gap year when you aren't travelling. Each week of my gap year is different, some weeks are unexciting and other week's my schedule is full and I get invited to blog events, visit friends at uni, explore a new city etc.


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