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Exploring London with Keetoo | ad

A shot of the app on my phone in black and white
This post is in collaboration with Keetoo
You would think that after (nearly) 20 years in the city, I would've seen a great deal of what London has to offer but I haven't. It's not often that I get the chance to explore London through the eyes of a tourist so when Keetoo reached out to Jasmine and me, I had to take the opportunity! 

So... what is Keetoo
Keeto is a new 'travel companion' that allows you to explore London from new heights. Using the app, you're able to buy 'credits', these credits are your ticket into select London attractions at a discounted price and for the food lovers out there, you can claim a free starter or dessert at a select few restaurants e.g. The Rainforest Cafe.

Jasmine and I were gifted two adult daytripper passes which gave us entry to two attractions. We chose the Chelsea physic gardens (£11 for an adult ticket) and the original London tour from Victoria (£32.50 for an adult pass).
Chelsea Physic Garden
The entrance of the gardens
A close up shot of orange flowers in the garden
Using the app at each attraction is simple. You click on the attraction and a code will appear on the screen which you give to the person at the ticket desk and then you're free to run wild. 

The gardens were so beautiful! The atmosphere was so calming, I could've easily spent an entire day here just sitting on a bench, book in hand taking in my surroundings. If your Instagram is lacking candid shots surrounded by nature, this is the place to be!

Before heading to our next attraction, we popped into the onsite cafe and shared a plate of baked camembert. 
The Original Tour
A shot of the Victoria stop for the bus tour
I've never been on a London bus tour before but I assumed, you would be guided through each area by a tour guide, I was wrong. We were given a pair of headphones which you plugged into the front of your seat and as we approached a new area e.g. Hyde Park, you were given a history lesson about the area, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The bus tours are 'hop on and hop off' so you can 'hop off' at a stop, explore the area further and 'hop on' at another stop to go to a new area. Just remember to keep your ticket!

We hopped off the tour at Piccadilly and headed to the Rainforest Cafe to claim our free starter and dessert. We went for the house nachos to start which without the app would've cost £11.45. I was disappointed with my main but the dessert made up for it, we shared a warm chocolate brownie, priced at £6-7 on the menu. 

Would I recommend it?
100% - If like myself and Jasmine, you like to explore on the cheap and enjoy free food, you need to download Keetoo and get yourself to London!

Download the app here and give it a go!


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