Monday, 7 October 2019 / York


A shot of a duck egg blue door with the numbers 203 in white lettering across the front
Now freshers week is out the way and things have calmed down a bit, I can finally give you a tour of my new place. I live with 5 other students ranging from age 18-22, all girls and we share two bathrooms, living room and kitchen.

I love the colour of the front door, is it blue or grey? I'd say blue, sort of duck egg colour with more of a grey tone.

Moving onto our kitchen.
A fridge, cupboards, stove
More cupboards, sink, kitchen surfaces
Our kitchen is mustard, black, white and grey. Excuse the collection of alcohol on the kitchen windowsill, for the first few weeks, the window wouldn't open so we ended up using it for storage and even now it's fixed, it's still going to be our alcohol storage for the rest of the year.

Onto our living and dining area.
Dining table and seating areas
A bench style dining table and chairs, pretty standard really. I wish we had a sofa, I miss being able to spread myself across a sofa. Maybe next year.

And last but not least, my bedroom.
I still haven't fully decorated my room yet and my bedsheets are currently in the wash but this is what it's like at the moment, standard really. I don't know what else I need to add to make it more homely and personal. I was thinking fairy lights and some cushions but I have no idea what else, any suggestions?


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