Monday, 30 December 2019


A portrait shot of me holding a plastic cup of strawberry beer
It’s that time of the year again, where the entire blogging community rushes to get their resolutions posts published before the new year, this year, I won’t be part of that rush and any year going forward.  After reading Lucy's post on why she's decided not to make goals for 2020, I was inspired to write my reasons for ditching the trend. I am no longer going to set resolutions because of the pressure I feel to achieve unrealistic goals. Sure, it’s good to have a few unattainable goals to work towards but when you get half way through the year and realise you can’t keep up that fitness goal or your source of income has declined so you can't afford to travel so frequently, you're left feeling unaccomplished. 

At the end of last year, my goals for 2019 were to publish more quality blog posts rather than churning out half hearted rubbish, migrate to Wordpress and show my face more instead of hiding behind the camera. Of the three, I managed two of them and I have no plans to migrate to Wordpress any time soon, the price is just something I can't justify on a student loan and minimum wage. 

I’m at a point where I’m feeling accomplished with my life and I don’t think I need to set resolutions anymore. Of course, there’s always room for improvement and change but I’m not going to use a new year to do that, we’re going to work towards these unsaid improvements and changes week by week. I’m also a huge control freak and I like to plan every detail of my life, I want to be more relaxed with the scheduling of my life and allow for spontaneous events to happen. The only events I'm certain are happening next year are moving into my own house and turning 21, unlike previous years, I have nothing prebooked.

For 2020, I’m going to try something new, setting weekly and monthly goals. I’m yet to buy a diary but I'm going to slot in a sticky note on each page with my goals for the week. For example, things I’d like to work on in that week and monthly goals, things I want to have achieved by the end of each month. 

Happy New Year!


Thursday, 26 December 2019


A film camera shot of my younger self in the early 2000's in a purple princess dress
It isn’t your birthday without an obligatory blog post reminiscing over the events from the year that has passed and looking ahead to what your new age is going to bring. This is going up a little later than previous years, I usually have this prewritten and up the week before my actual birthday but you know, life gets in the way sometimes, it’s been doing that a lot lately.

When I think back to being a child and the days I wished away because I wanted to be an adult, I look at myself in the mirror and think, “am I who younger the Fran wanted me to be?” I’d like to think I am. This year alone, I’ve done things that were completely out of my comfort zone, I did a skydive for charity despite having a massive fear of heights, I started a podcast, moved 3 hours away from London, worked with amazing brands... the list could go on. I’m pretty proud of 20-year-old Fran, my life at 20 may not be the fairytale 10-year-old me imagined but it’s been filled with happiness, success and discovery. 

Looking forward, I can only wish that my twenties continue to be filled with more happiness, more successes and more discovery. I feel like the next decade is going to be a big one for me, I’m going to graduate from university, possibly buy a property, have a child, get married or drop everything (after graduation of course) and travel the world for a year or two. 

Who knows where I’ll be but for now, here’s to my twenties! 


Monday, 2 December 2019


A sign for the start of the queue to collect tickets for The Reciepts Podcast Live
At last, we're a week away from the end of semester one of this academic year! November was a busy month for me, I tried to start regularly blogging again but I wasn't organised enough and let life get in the way. Starting from today, I'm trying again!

My routine as a student is pretty much the same, work, hockey, uni, repeat. I realised that I wasn't being social enough and it was starting to make me feel down so I made the effort to start being more social. 
A selfie with one of my housemates in front of a bonfire
November started with a trip to Northallerton for Bonfire night. It was nice seeing where one of my uni friends grew up and exploring somewhere so different to London. 
A stack of fluffy American style pancakes served with a blueberries, a jar of syrup and a dust of sugar
One thing I love about being a student in York is the amount of coffee shops, cafes and tearooms there are. I'm yet to go to the famous Betty's but I'm slowly making my way through all the popular spots, the stop for November was Brew and Brownie. I got a stack of american-style pancakes for £8.50, not cheap or particularly student budget friendly but worth the dent on my weekly budget. 
A shot of Milena, Aubrey and Tolly on stage at the Reciepts podcast live tour in Manchester HOME theatre
Every year since I've had a job, I've bought myself a birthday present (or two). This year, I bought myself a ticket to The Reciepts Podcast tour and used it as an excuse to leave York for the weekend, catch up with friends studying in Manchester and just forget about university for 48 hours or so. If you didn't get a chance to go to this tour, you need to go to the next tour. I went alone as none of my friends really listen to this particular podcast and I was taken in by a group of women who looked after me for the entire evening. The energy of the crowd was unmatched, I can't wait to see what Audrey, Tolly and Milena have in store for the new year! 

I was stressing about housing for next year for a while but I've finally got a house for the academic next year! If you follow me on twitter and have seen the milk tweet that went viral, you can imagine how excited I am to leave this accomodation. I don't move in until July but expect a room tour when I do.

What did you get up to in November?

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