Monday, 9 March 2020


I'm a day late but Happy International Women's Day! 

I don't usually write a post for this celebration but this year, I felt the need to write a few words about women in the industry, who inspire me and continue to inspire those coming up behind them. I'm proud to be part of an industry dominated by women who are killing the game and setting the standard for a career in blogging or influencing. 

I had an interview with Lauren Victoria and one of her questions was, 'How do you find inspiration for your content?' and I sat there for ages going through all of the people who inpsire me and I'm all for giving credit where credit is due but my inspiration started with myself. I set up this site, built my name within the blogging industry off my own back. So, my inspiration started with my own ideas and creativity. As I said in the interview with Lauren, I am competing with myself and my content is current Francisca looking back on content from past Francisca and building on it. 

Where do I even begin with Tolly? This isn't the start of a birthday paragraph, I'll keep it brief. I've been following Tolly for years, if you don't know Tolly, she's 1/3 of The Reciepts Podcast (after reading this post, start listening!), a writer, host and influencer. Through Tolly, I have learnt that there is power in the tongue, she is living proof of this. 2011 Tolly said, 'What I would do to have tinie tempah on my arm...' and in 2020, Tolly is sat in the Reciepts studio recording with Tinie Tempah. You see that? I want that, not Tinie but to start using my tongue for more than just eating and talking aimlessly. 

If you don't know Flo, get to know. Florence describes herself as a 'self love guru, body confidence blogger and podcast host'. I had the pleasure of finding Flo's platform in 2015, a year after I started my blog and our friendship has continued to blossom since. Aside from being someone I call a friend, Flo is f*cking amazing and the 'big sister' you wish you had growing up. While heavily pregnant, she's still uploading regular podcast epsiodes, newsletters, growing her social media prescence and taking every opportunity possible. Her work ethic, charisma and drive are very admirable!

This post would not be complete without a special mention to Patricia Bright. Patricia is a Youtuber, influencer, podcast host, business owner, all while raising two kids. I aspire to have Patricia's work ethic and ability to balance business and motherhood. Just when you thought Patricia was doing enough, she set up a new platform called, 'The Break'. A platform where Patricia and guests speak openly about money, property, investment and so much more. Did I mention access to this platform is free? Patricia is giving you FREE tried and tested tricks and tips people! 

Imagine being 23, an Oxford graduate, managing not one but two businesses, a youtube channel and buying a house, in London, at 22. Grace was the first fitness Youtuber I followed back in 2016 and watching her grow as a subscriber has been a heart-warming experience. I love seeing women in my age range doing well, it makes success seem reachable.

Who in the industry inpires you?


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