Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Life lately

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Happy Wednesday! How is everyone? I hope you’re all well.

I feel like you can’t start a ‘life update’ post without mentioning the pandemic and how life under lockdown is treating you. I’m staying indoors until 2021 with the occasional exception for outings with friends and family. I’ve developed some anxiety around going outside and I feel a lot safer indoors. I’m grateful to have a lot of space, a garden and be in a position where I only need to leave my house to go food shopping. 

A lot has changed in my personal life since I rebranded my blog in April. Firstly, I’m a business owner, I founded Black Geographers on Thursday 23rd April and I’ve been working tirelessly to get it to where I want it to be. Not only do I write from my blog, but I’m also a writer for My Mind Matters Too, an innovation hub for Youth Mental Wellbeing driven by Young People and an ambassador for 5050 Parliament, a campaign to tackle gender imbalance in Parliament and get more women elected. I sort of miss being able to laze around and play Animal Crossing from dawn till dusk but I love everything that I am working on and I feel like my work aligns with my values. 

An increased workload comes with increased pressure and the ability to switch off becomes harder. If you read my ‘dear overachievers’ post then you might remember that I said I needed to start taking accountability for my workaholic ways and how the way I work contributes to my periods of bad mental health and pending burnout. In an attempt to prevent a possible burnout, I no longer look at my social media or emails until I’m out of bed, showered, dressed and have eaten breakfast to avoid feeling overwhelmed before my day has even started. I’ve also become a lot strict about the hours that I work and as soon as it hits 5 pm, I turn my 'out of office' on and any work that is left can be completed the next day or at another point in the week, I can’t produce good work if I allow it to consume my personal life and I feel overwhelmed by it. Everything I do, I have passion for and I don’t want to lose that passion so, I’m slowing down. I’ve voiced this with the people I work with and I felt relief, I think as people we forget that we’re humans and can’t work like robots, you can pause and still achieve everything you want to achieve. Pausing doesn’t mean failure, pausing means you’ve recognised that the way you’re working is self-destructive and you need to rewind, assess your current situation, revise your goals and start again. If you ask me, that’s a sign of success.

In a bid to slow down, I’ve been dedicating my evenings to activities that bring me joy and allow me to relax. The other night, I started painting again, I haven’t painted since art in year 8 or 9 so it was great to pick up a paintbrush and just let my creative juices flow. 

I want to end with something positive that happened recently. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve already heard this story but for those of you who don’t, I lost contact with my oldest friend when I was 18 and last month, she found my Twitter and we spent that evening reconnecting. I didn’t realise how much I missed her and valued our friendship. She reaffirmed to me that everything I’m doing now is what I was destined to do. Reconnecting with her has made my year and I’m positive that there are more good things to come out of 2020 now that I have her by my side. 

How’s life treating you?


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