Monday, 29 February 2016

Current Fragrance Favourites

The newest one to my fragrance collection comes from Chanel. The Chance EDT (£55.00) is probably most fruity scent that I have owned, and possibly my all time favourite one too. It is slightly floral and has a touch of jasmine but the main body of the scent comes from a refreshing grapefruit. My auntie recently brought herself a bottle of this and after just one sniff I fell madly in love with it, so this went straight to the top of birthday wishlist last year. Although Chanel fragrances are very pricey, the notes are very strong so your money is certainly not wasted.

Something that is sweet, but not as sweet as the previous scent, is my go-to evening scent, YSL Black Opium EDP (£38.50). It comes in sparkly bottle that's bound to look stunning on anyone's dresser and has much more of a muskier scent, with a mix of black coffee and woody notes from patchouli. It's a sharp, sophisticated scent that really stands out on the skin. A really powerful scent, that makes me feel badass whenever I wear it

Finally, something completely different Thierry Mugler Angel EDP (£65). Although it has notes of vanilla and a few other sweet things such as red fruits and honey, it's not as sharp as the previous two but more delicate. With added essences of soft caramel, praline and the captivating power of patchouli, it really wakes you up and is strong scented, in a good way.
What are your current fragrance favourites?

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