Thursday, 18 August 2016


Good evening everyone, summer is almost over and autumn is fast approaching!
My Last Two Weeks: The last two weeks have been extremely busy. From completing the last few days of NCS to getting a new job and working everyday. 

I would like to apologise for the lack of posts on my blog as of late. I have not abandoned you guys; sometimes life gets a ittle bit hectic. Whilst I have been away, I completed four weeks of NCS as you would have seen in my previous post and started a new job. Life at the moment has been a continuous cycle of eat, sleep, work, repeat.

I started at my new job last Tuesday (9th) and I am no longer a shop assistant at the Olde Sweet Shoppe and now work at a restaurant which I will not disclose for privacy reasons. I had my first shift on Sunday, it went really well and I look forward to getting to know my team.

In 25 days, I will be boarding the bus on the way to my first day of sixth form. I cannot believe how fast 5 years has gone by, I could have sworn I started high school yesterday and now I am off to endure the first of two years at sixth form. I will be studying: Geography, Economics, Applied Science and English Literature, providing that I get the grades next week Thursday on results day. Wish me luck! 


Hope you’re all having a great week so far! And let’s hope the weather remains bright for last few weeks of summer in the UK! 


Monday, 15 August 2016


And that’s a wrap, I have completed 4 weeks of NCS.

So NCS stands for National Citizen Service, which is a programme for 15-17 year olds ran in England and Northern Ireland. It takes place in the Spring, Autumn and Summer but the most popular wave is obviously the summer one.

I signed up to NCS without any of my close friends, most of the people I knew doing the programme were going with at least someone they knew. However, NCS is about making new friends, and in your team there will be some people you do not know, but you can write down the names of friends you would like to be with in the signing up process.

The first week we spent at an outdoor activity centre in North Wales. There we did activities like Rock Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing and just facing our fears in general. This is a great time to get to know your team mates and just have fun. 

Week two, we spent a week at a local university, we learnt how to cook, budget, did team building exercises and attended skill related lectures. The main agenda of week two is to become more independent. 

The third week you stay at home and travel to the university every day. You and your team mates have to come up with a Social Action Project which will benefit your community. We had a week to plan a fundraiser to support an organisation that as a group we felt needed our help to gain further exposure in our community. And on week four, we delivered our social action projects. My team did a 5 km walk/run for the charity Happy Days which provide vital respite breaks for individuals, families and groups who support children with additional needs

I said Yes to NCS, are you going to?

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