Monday, 14 August 2017


Welcome to the first post in my collaboration with Lucy from Forever September. Today, if you had not noticed from the title, we will be discussing the topic of boobs.

I started puberty at the age of 8 or 9. I remember having no boobs, no leg hair, no hips and suddenly one day, I got back from school and my Mum had bought me a set of training bras, little did I know I would be wearing bras for the rest of my life. From that day onward, my body changed dramatically. With my 28 triples A’s, I can distinctly remember seeing girls in the upper years with big boobs and wishing that I would one day have the same. 10 years later and my wish is now a reality.

Lucy and I have different boobs, I have big boobs whilst Lucy has small boobs. Of course, I have days where I wish I had smaller boobs and Lucy wishes she had bigger boobs. I personally would have preferred smaller boobs when I was growing up as I feel that I was sexualized because of the my size. While a few of my peers could wear spaghetti strap tops with shorts on a summer non uniform day, spaghetti strap tops were a no go zone for me, unless I wanted my male peers peering down my top. But now I am older, I really do not give a shit, if I want to wear a strappy top, I will. I used to try to cover them up as much as possible because I was self conscious about them but at the end of the day, boobs are just sacks of fat which I will need in the future to breastfeed and if people are offended by my cleavage then that is their own personal problem.

With 30FF boobs comes back pain, scars from where my underwire is digging into my skin, underboob sweat during the summer and looks from pervy middle aged men when I wear a low cut top. I used to hate the size of my boobs but I have really grown to love them although I would really appreciate if they would stop growing as I cannot afford to hold these babies down. If any of you have DD+ boobs and you’re looking for reasonable priced bras, I would recommend M&S and Boux Avenue.

Hi I’m Lucy and I’m part of the itty bitty titty committee. I remember getting my first bra when I was around 11. I thought I was so cool and grown up wearing a bra but in hindsight I really did not need to be wearing one. As I entered secondary school, I noticed how most of my friends actually had boobs, and were wearing ‘proper’ bras. Then there was little old me, waiting for the moment my boobs wanted to make an appearance. But to be honest, it never really came. I was wearing an A cup well into year 8/9. Then finally, I upped to a B cup and that is where I have stayed ever since.

I remember being called ‘flat chested’ and stupid other nicknames and hating it. I felt so embarrassed and quite unattractive, which is so sad. But over the years, I have learnt to love my small boobs, and just take them for what they are. I can wear pretty bralettes, I do not get back aches (I feel for you bigger breasted ladies) but in all seriousness, it does not matter whether you have big boobs or small boobs, all boobs are great. Just love what you have because they are part of you and you have gotta embrace them!

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