Monday, 1 January 2018


Currently, it is half past 4 on New Year’s Day 2018 and I am sat at my laptop reflecting on the year that has gone by. I say this every year but today is a complete clean slate, a chance to redeem ourselves, a fresh start. Whatever baggage you were carrying in 2017, 2018 is the year to let it go. The past is the past and cannot be changed but the future is yet in your power.
2017 was yet another year of personal progress. Both halves of the year were extremely busy, I barely had a minute to breathe but what I achieved by the end, made the constant stress and tiredness completely worth it. I documented quite a lot of last year here on my blog so instead of rambling on, I will leave link to a few posts instead: Unedited Photo Diary: ZSL Whipsnade Zoo | My Driving Experience | Reading & Leeds 2017 | Life Lately | 48 Hours in Edinburgh | The Making of Harry Potter | Eighteen
My biggest achievements of 2017 were passing my theory test, getting promoted at work, buying my first car, passing my driving test and making it through my first year of sixth form.
It is time to start thinking of things I would like to achieve and do in 2018. At the top of my list is to get fit. Last year I was going to the gym for a short while, but I quickly lost motivation when life got busy and decided to try again in the new year. I have kitted myself out with a new gym kit and I am ready to see some abs and a jawline. I would also like to get a new job this year. I have been at my current job for two years in August, I am starting to feel like I am stuck in a rut and a change of scenery is in dire need. Lastly, I want to do well in my A-levels and get into my firm choice university. 

What are your achievements/goals for 2018?


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