Monday, 12 February 2018


We have all been there, wanting to go to the gym but feeling anxious about actually being in the gym. Gym anxiety is real and here's what I tell myself each session to overcome it. 

BUT I don't want to go alone. I always see people tweeting about how they wish they had a gym partner because they are scared to go alone. Truth is, you do not need a gym partner to go to the gym. Book an induction before your first session, learn how to use all the machines and from then on, plan out your workout prior to your session. This way, you will be knowledgeable on how a machine is used, what it trains and you will also avoid standing around thinking about what to do next, with a plan you will already have the next exercise planned out reducing unnecessary breaks between sets.

BUT everyone is looking at me. They really aren't. Unless someone finds you attractive and wants to ask for your number, no one looks at you because no one gives a shit about what you are doing. They are too busy concentrating on their workout.

BUT the weights room is full of men. True, the weights room is full of men but so what? You can not let a group of men put you off making them gains. Put on whatever gym outfit makes you feel confident, chuck on a pair of converses, the best shoes for weight training, and walk into that weights room. Start small, 5-10kg is a good starting point and each session increase the weight gradually.

Overcoming gym anxiety is coming to terms with the fact that everyone else in the gym is there for the same reason you are, to reach a goal. They are not interested in what you are doing, as they are focused on hitting their goals. Some people will look at you but this happens a lot less than non-gym goers think. Gym anxiety is experienced by everyone, male or female, tall or short, big or small, weak or strong, fit or unfit. You are not alone. 

How did you overcome gym anxiety?  


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