Monday, 30 April 2018


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This post is in collaboration with CaseApp 

We are now at the end of April which means exam season is well on its way for all students. The next two months are going to be an endless cycle of eat, sleep, study, work, repeat but once its over, we'll have the entire summer break to fully relax and catch up on sleep. 

It's been a while since I have sat down and updated you guys on what is going on in Fran's world. April has been my busiest month so far, I have had brand collaborations, I went down to Brighton to meet fellow blogger Phoebe from Its Phoebe Rose, I had a shoot in Camden and have thought about introducing fashion back onto my blog, I bought my first Pipdig design, which will be live shortly, a trip to Ireland for early next year has been booked and plans for the summer are shaping up.

The following may come as a surprise as I was previously adamant about taking a gap year but after careful deliberation, my plans have changed. I will be going to the University of Liverpool to study BSc Geography with a year abroad in China providing I get the grades on results day, fingers crossed. Since I am going to be in education for another 4 years, I am going to need a new laptop and I have been saving up to buy a MacBook Air, which I will be the proud owner of at the end of August. There's still 3 months until I make the purchase but I am excited to stick this beautiful laptop sticker from CaseApp onto my Mac. I have been given a 20% off code for you guys to treat yo'self to a new laptop sticker or phone case from the CaseApp website, the code is TUXICES20. 

I have never talked about my love life on my blog before as I am not usually one to discuss this topic with people outside my close circle but I want to be more open with you guys and let you in on more personal details of my life. For quite some time now, your girl has been seeing someone. I have kept this very hush-hush, there have been a few cryptic tweets here and there but nothing too obvious. I have been happily single for 18 years and I went into this year hoping to make it 19 years of being happily single but life happened and a handsome man walked into my life and stole my heart, *cringe*. For now, that is all the information you are getting, I know Lucy from Forever September is sat reading this waiting for me to announce that I am off the market but the question is yet to be popped but you guys will be first to know when I am no longer a single lady.
How has April treated you?


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