Monday, 9 April 2018


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Spring has sprung and since the warmer weather is on its way, I have the perfect excuse to update my wardrobe. I was browsing some of my favourite sites and decided to put together a little wishlist. Now, I know I’m not a fashion blogger but back when I was, wishlists were some of my favourite posts to do so I decided to go back to my roots and create one for this season. Who knows, I might implement fashion back onto my blog in the future, someday when I have the confidence to shoot in the middle of London.

As you can see, I am loving the colour yellow this season. I love how vibrant the yellow jacket and kanken are, on a dull day if I pop on something yellow, I instantly feel warm and more positive. I remember when I used to hate wearing colour and then I discovered that yellow does something for woman of colour, it makes our melanin pop and I am here for it. Embroidery is back and here to stay, this denim skirt from Pull & Bear is embroidered with two small bees. I am not a huge fan of embroidery all over an item, so I love how subtle it is on this skirt. To pair with this skirt, I was thinking hi-top converses. I have two pairs of regular low converses but I would really love some hi-tops to wear with a skirt or a tshirt dress this Spring and onward into Summer. 
What items are you loving this season?


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