Monday, 15 October 2018


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If you don't follow me on any of my socials then you won't know that Autumn is my favourite season. I'm not a fan of the how early it gets dark but I love the cold weather and the changing colours of the leaves. These are a few of favourite things about Autumn:

Autumn Walks. There’s something different about taking a walk in the Autumn. The air is crisp, there’s a sharp breeze and a glimpse of sunshine between the trees. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been enjoying going out alone on a Sunday with my camera at hand, capturing my surroundings and stuffing conkers in my pocket along the way, gotta collect those free blog props

The Hot Drinks. Back before I discovered coffee was a trigger for my migraines, I would buy and try all the new coffee syrups at this time of year. Now, I just stick to the herbal teas and the new hot chocolate flavours but I do love having a sniff of the new syrups even if I can’t drink them.

Autumn Fashion. You’re probably very tired of me saying this but I love Autumn fashion. I get excited for this time of year, every year because I can really start dressing. I’m not a fan of S/S trends as I like to be covered and Autumn allows me to do just that, leaving my house wrapped up like a burrito in my oversized puffer jacket. Read my last post to see what items are in my transitional wardrobe.

Candles. If I had the money, I would totally move to America just for Autumn period, stack up on bath and body works candles and come home after Halloween. I love candles and I’ve been after some Autumn scented bath and body works candles for years. Wasn't there a rumour that they're opening a store in the UK? I'll be first in line if it's true!

And finally, Halloween and Bonfire Night. Growing up, my family never celebrated Halloween because they’re religious. Now I'm older, I use it as an excuse to look gross on a nightout without being judged. As for bonfire night, any excuse to whip out my bobble hat, drink mulled wine and surround myself with the smell of smoke, is that weird? Probably but I love the smell of burning wood. 

What are your favourite things about Autumn?


Monday, 8 October 2018


francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, small blogger, new season, transitional wardrobe, autumn
I’m loving this year’s Autumn trends. My bank account doesn’t like me right now but I’m going to be serving looks all season so it’s worth it.

1. Shearling/Borg jacket
I ordered my first shearling/borg style jacket just over a week ago and I'm waiting for 2 more to arrive. I may resemble a marshmallow when I'm wearing one but I absolutely love them. The one in the photo above is from Monki and I bought it in the navy as it goes with all existing items in my wardrobe and doesn't show dirt as quickly as the cream or brown versions.

2. Hi-Top Converses 
I didn't know I needed these until I saw one of my colleagues pairing it with all her outfits and I had to get myself a pair. I've only had them for a week but I've already worn them 48494 times. They're like the old skool vans of Autumn, they go with everything and keep your ankles worn. Win-win 

3. Brown Blanket Scarf 
Whether you're on your commute to work or going out for drinks, a blanket scarf is essential for the journey. It's multi-purpose and doubles up as a scarf for when your neck is cold, a blanket when your body is cold and can be folded into a pillow if you fancy a quick nap on your commute home. I went for a browny beige one from M&S this season as the neutral colours go with almost everything.

4.  Faux Fur Pom Beanie 
I feel like I say this a lot but I used to hate wearing hats. I was that kid throwing a tantrum in the middle of the street because my parents had told me to wear a hat to school. Fast forward 10 or so years and you couldn't get me to take it off. As soon as it gets slightly nippy outside, my hat is glued to my head and this one from Primark has a funky pom to spice up a dull outfit. 

What are your transitional wardrobe picks?


Monday, 1 October 2018


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Isn’t it so satisfying when a new month starts on a Monday? I can’t believe that there are two months left of this year, where has the time gone?! I remember the end of last year so clearly as if it were yesterday.

Roughly 45 days ago, I was preparing to leave for uni and 45 days later, I work at ASOS. Bet you weren’t expecting that. A few weeks ago, I decided that if I was going to take a gap year then I needed to gain new experience and one way I could do this was by quitting the job I've had since I was 16 and starting somewhere new. I applied for anything and everything, I had an interview for a new bar opening nearby and an interview for ASOS, I heard back from the bar interview before ASOS and I nearly went for it then the next day, I got a callback from ASOS.

Travelling is not the main focus of my gap year but I have some travel plans for the year ahead. At the end of next summer, I'm going interrailing alone around Europe for 10 days. I know travelling alone can be quite daunting but I'm excited. I’ve kept this a little quiet but I'M GOING TO NEW YORK in December 2019 to celebrate my 20th birthday. I have always wanted to go to New York and originally, I was going to wait until my 21st but that’s just too far away and I couldn't wait any longer. 

I'm terrified of heights but I've agreed to do a sponsored skydive in March. Some may call me stupid but Will Smith said that the best things in life are placed on the other side of terror and for that reason, I am going to push my fear. If you would like to donate then head over to Virgin Money Giving.

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