Monday, 14 January 2019


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Happy New Year! At what point in January can I stop saying that?

My main goal for 2019 is to prioritise self care. Last year, I had moments in my personal life where I wasn’t caring for myself physically or mentally and it really took a toll on me during my A levels, at work and in other personal situations. Looking back, I could’ve handled my toughest moments a lot better had I practised self care.

Self care goes beyond “taking a candlelit bath and reading a book”, it’s realising that you’re not looking after your body properly and need to change your diet, e.g. by drinking more water or knowing when you need a break and taking advantage of your sick pay. With a little bit of attention to your own self care, you will feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

Three ways that I am practising self care in 2019:
01. Working less  
As a Capricorn, I am known to be a workaholic and there were moments last year and in previous years where I was working more than I was having days off, which meant that I wasn’t seeing family and friends, I wasn’t getting time to wash my hair or to just have a lazy day in bed. To avoid that, I cut down my working hours for this year to just 4 days a week.

02. Do more
Now I am working fewer hours, I have 3 days a week to put my time and energy into things I enjoy. I can use those days to do a class at the gym, work on my blog, see friends or explore a new town or city. I want to create a fulfilling life.

03. Invest in my skin
At the end of last year, I became a skin influencer for Dermalogica. Prior to that, I was using drugstore skincare products here and there. They’re alright but not the best. Since using the Dermalogica precleanse and special cleansing gel, I now know the importance of investing in skincare. My skin has never felt as clean and clear as it does now I’m using their products. I feel more educated on skincare now to branch out and try other skincare brands and products.

How do you practise self care?


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