Monday, 25 February 2019


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I asked on Instagram if you guys would be interested in a post about my favourite brunch spots in and around London, you can guess what the majority wanted.

A new one to my list of favourite brunch places is Grind, specifically the Covent Garden location. It's hidden away on Maiden Lane and has indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for winter and summer brunch dates. If you’re a blogger, the seating area outside is a great place to shoot Spring and Summer content as well as the downstairs seating area which has marble tables and pink neon lights. As for the food, I think there’s a good range of options for vegetarians and I went for the eggs Florentine, I’d never tried it before, but the presentation and flavour were a solid 10/10 for me. They also serve granola, acai and porridge bowls as well as smashed avocado, cold pressed juices, smoothies and of course, a range of coffee and tea.
francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, small blogger
If you find yourself in South London and you’re looking for a new place to eat, Burnt Toast is where you need to go. Their pancakes are second to none and I’ve tried a lot of pancakes from various brunch places before so this is a bold statement.
francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, small blogger
This is another new addition to my favourite brunch places, Chia Naturally Healthy. It’s located in Hitchin which is about 55 minutes by train from Kings Cross or just over an hour by car. I believe, it’s the first plant-based cafĂ© in the area and if you’re environmentally conscious like myself, you’ll be pleased to know that they don’t use any plastic products including their takeaway packaging. Everything is biodegradable, plant-based material. I tried their Organic Blueberry Cinnamon Pancakes and I'll admit, I was a bit iffy as to how they would taste as I've never had vegan pancakes before but they were incredible!

What are your favourite brunch spots in and around London?


Monday, 18 February 2019


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- This post contains gifted items -
Hands up if you have D plus boobs and you’re tired of almost every lingerie set for your size being grannyish and not at all sexy, I certainly am!

Love Panache is a family run, award-winning British lingerie brand. Their Cleo range was made to have your titties looking their best. I was given the opportunity to pick a few pieces from the range and I was kindly sent two *Cleo Lyzy Triangle Bralette sets, one in burgundy and one in black. The lyzy set also comes in khaki and cobalt blue. Treat your titties to a cute set from the Cleo by Panache collection, designed to be pretty and playful fashion led lingerie, for D plus women who like their lingerie to be bold and on trend.

I remember growing up and everyone wanted big boobs, I was one of those people. I got to year 9 and my boobs were suddenly a DD. Now, at the age of 19, I’m a 30FF/G and I find it difficult to find lingerie that works for my small waist and big cup size. I want my boobs to look cute, I don’t want a uni-boob and I also don’t want to wear underwire. I have so many indents from underwire being too tight or digging into my boob, you know when you need to buy new bras but you’re holding onto that broken one because its one of your faves. According to the media, big boobs only seem to be sexy when they're out on show but we can be modest and wear cute bralettes too. Admittedly, bralettes are not the most supportive but gravity is getting to my titties anyway so, I might as well let nature take its course and let them swing low with a cute bralette popping through under my shirt. 

Valentine’s Day may be over but there are still 317 days left to look and feel sexy. 


Monday, 11 February 2019


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It seems a lot of you found my last post really helpful so, I’ve decided to break down each section of how to start a blog and turn it into a series. This week, I’m focusing on Instagram and utilising hashtags to boost engagement.

Remember when hashtags were a no go and now that Instagram has fucked up the algorithm, they’re all the rage. I know there’s still confusion as to what hashtags to use when to use them and how many to use per posts. 

You can use 30 hashtags per post without Instagram preventing them from posting. Use the full 30 and make the most of it

While you’re reading this, hop over to Instagram and search, #lblogger it has 713k posts. Along the bottom of that hashtag are related hashtags, which will have a similar amount of posts, use them!

This is one I discovered recently but you can hashtag emojis. Follow the step above when it comes to using emojis, hashtag the ones with the most posts or start a new hashtag for it and watch it grow.

This is another hack that I discovered recently, a few weeks ago I post a selfie to my Insta story before going out and tag #OUTOUT – it worked a treat and I saw an increase in followers and engagement through stories

If you take a photo and it contains a mug, hashtag the mug. It may seem stupid but there’s 5.4 million posts under the mug hashtag.

REMEMBER, hashtags don’t always work, its hit or miss.
francisca rockey, lifestyle blogger, fitness blogger, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, small blogger
Here are some of the exact hashtags I use,

#blogginggals #teenbloggers #bdib #girlboss #femalebloggers #lbloggers #bbloggers #thegirlgang #instagramblogger #photographyblogger #londonblogger #londoner #discoverunder2K #petiteblogger #shinyhappybloggers  #bloggerstribe #girlsunite #thecaptionclub #bloggingcommunity #bloggersofinstagram #smallblogger #girlswhoblog #petitebloggger #theuncoolclub #blogandbeyond #blogginggals #under10k #bloggerlove #ontheblog #bloggerlife #blogging 

#wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaythoughts #wednesdayfeels #wednesdaymotivation #humpday #happyhumpday 

#fridayintroductions #friyay #fridayfeeling #happyfriday #fridaymood #thankgoditsfriday #friday #fridaymotivation #itsthefreakinweekend #fridayvibes #fridayfun #frinally #fridayfeels #itstheweekend #fridaythoughts 

Whatever day of the week that you're posting tag it, e.g. #Thursday and use 1 or 2 related tags 

#skincareroutine #dryskin #winterskin #skincareaddict #happyskin #skinroutine #skinobsessed #kindtoskin #skinspiration #lookafteryourskin #bathtowel #skincareproducts #treatyourskin #healthyskin #skincareblogger #skincare #skincarelove #newskin #skintips #skinregimen

Tag the brand of the products you're using e.g. #dermalogica 

#fashionfury #thefashionforce #fashiaddict #dressmyfashion #postitfortheaesthetics #anotheroutfitpost #inspostyle #fbloggerstyle #ootdideas #wearetothe9s #mywhowhatwear #whowhatwearing #wearthisnext #fashiongals #stylesubmit #wiwtoday #streetstyleluxe #stylehunters #petiteblogger #petitefashion #wentoutlikethis #outfitideasforyou #discoverunder10k #momentsofchics #stylediary #effortlesschic #outfitboard #luxegal #ootdpost #winterfashion #pltstyle #femmeluxefinery

Tag individual items that you’re wearing e.g. #teddycoat

#londonblogger #londoner #itssolondon #londonist #visitlondon #londontown #prettylittlelondon #toplondonphoto #londononly #mydarlinglondon #londonbylondoners #londonguru #londononly #exploringlondon 

If you’re visiting a specific area in London, e.g. #nottinghill tag it and use related tags too!

As I said before, hashtags don't always work so take my advice with a pinch of salt and adapt the tags I use to work with your content and niche. 

Do you use hashtags? If so, do you find them helpful?


Monday, 4 February 2019


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We all know January is a trial run of a new year and February is when you really start setting your resolutions or attempt the ones you said you'd start in January, e.g. joining the gym. Is one of your goals for 2019 to start a blog? If so, are you clueless about how to start a blog? When I started my blog in 2014, the blogging community was very small and there weren't many people to turn to for advice and there wasn't any advice on Google as to how to start one either. Here's a link to my first ever blog post if you're after a good laugh, Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Being the angel that I am, I thought I'd share some of my tips and advice on how to start a blog. 

1. Pick your platform wisely
The most common platforms used by bloggers are WordPress and Blogger. I use Blogger because it's quick and easy to use and doesn't require much brainpower to navigate. There are some cons to using Blogger e.g. fewer font options, less room to be creative in terms of positioning of photos. Wordpress offers a paid self-hosted and free version. I don't know much about Wordpress but here's a link to a post by Forever September all about migrating to Wordpress.

2. Keep your design easy on the eye
Keep it clean, easy to navigate and declutter your sidebars. Less is more. I bought my design from Pipdig but there are plenty of free designs online if you don't fancy investing straight away. 

3. Consider getting your own domain from the get-go
When I first started my domain was - With my old URL, I couldn't build a DA and so my opportunities were limited. DA is your domain authority aka how well your site will rank on search engine result pages. I bought my domain from GoDaddy for under £2 and the yearly renewal was just under £15. If you're looking to make income from your blog in the future, DA is important. 

4. Your book is getting judged by its cover, so make it pretty  
Your photos are the first thing people see, the more aesthetically pleasing they are, the more inclined people are to read the rest of the post. It's like going to the cinema to watch a movie, if you like a look of the trailer, you're going to watch the whole thing. The same applies to your posts, if someone likes the look of your photography, they're more likely to read the full post.

5. Utilise Twitter to get your posts seen
In my opinion, the best way to get your blog seen is by sharing your latest posts on Twitter using blogger hashtags such as #bloggerstribe #GRLPOWR #bloggerloveshare. Pretty much everyone in the blogging community uses Twitter and within a few days of having your blog up, someone is bound to come across your link while scrolling through said hashtags.

6. Schedule tweets promoting your posts
This goes hand in hand with tip number 5. If you want your posts to be seen, they need to be visible. A good way to ensure that your posts are constantly being seen is to schedule 2-3 tweets a day. I use Tweetdeck and Buffer to schedule my tweets. 

7. Switch your comment section to Disqus 
If you want people to comment on your latest posts, the comment section needs to be easy to use. I use Disqus for my comment section as it's web and mobile-friendly, easy to use and easy to set up. I would highly recommend switching your Google or Wordpress comment section to Disqus! 

8. Set up a blog Instagram
I'd been blogging for 4 years before I made an Instagram account. I don't remember Instagram being a big thing, I might be wrong I'm usually behind when it comes to trends but I wish I'd got my account up and running from the get-go. Keep your blog Instagram separate from your personal Instagram, it is healthy for your mind to have one account where numbers and aesthetics are not important. You can utilise your blog Instagram to bring more traffic to your blog through insta stories, using relevant hashtags under your posts and by putting a link to your blog in your bio.

What tips would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?

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