Monday, 18 February 2019


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- This post contains gifted items -
Hands up if you have D plus boobs and you’re tired of almost every lingerie set for your size being grannyish and not at all sexy, I certainly am!

Love Panache is a family run, award-winning British lingerie brand. Their Cleo range was made to have your titties looking their best. I was given the opportunity to pick a few pieces from the range and I was kindly sent two *Cleo Lyzy Triangle Bralette sets, one in burgundy and one in black. The lyzy set also comes in khaki and cobalt blue. Treat your titties to a cute set from the Cleo by Panache collection, designed to be pretty and playful fashion led lingerie, for D plus women who like their lingerie to be bold and on trend.

I remember growing up and everyone wanted big boobs, I was one of those people. I got to year 9 and my boobs were suddenly a DD. Now, at the age of 19, I’m a 30FF/G and I find it difficult to find lingerie that works for my small waist and big cup size. I want my boobs to look cute, I don’t want a uni-boob and I also don’t want to wear underwire. I have so many indents from underwire being too tight or digging into my boob, you know when you need to buy new bras but you’re holding onto that broken one because its one of your faves. According to the media, big boobs only seem to be sexy when they're out on show but we can be modest and wear cute bralettes too. Admittedly, bralettes are not the most supportive but gravity is getting to my titties anyway so, I might as well let nature take its course and let them swing low with a cute bralette popping through under my shirt. 

Valentine’s Day may be over but there are still 317 days left to look and feel sexy. 


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