Monday, 20 January 2020


A shot of the KFC vegan burger box

If you’re not familiar with veganuary, it’s a challenge set by a nonprofit organisation that encourages people to go vegan for the month of January. This year, fast food companies have jumped on the hype and released vegan specials on their menu. I decided to test a few of them out and give you my verdict before you potentially waste your coin.

This was the first vegan fast food release that I tried and it did not disappoint. It tasted exactly like chicken, I had to double-check that they’d given me the correct thing. It was a bit dry and I think it could’ve been fried for a few seconds less but other than that, delicious. If you prefer juicy burgers, I’d recommend adding some extra mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce and a sprinkle of salt. 

Up next, the meatless mariana. I forgot to take a photo before tucking in, oops. I used to love the meatball Mariana, back when I ate meat, so I was eager to try this meatless version. It was alright but the vegan cheese had a weird taste. I’ll be honest, it was disgusting and slightly ruined the sub, but the meatballs and sauce were delicious! It’s a shame the vegan cheese left an after taste meaning I didn’t get to enjoy the sub as much as I wanted to. In future, I’ll either have it without the vegan cheese or get regular cheese instead.
A shot of the vegan steak bake
Last but not least, the vegan steak bake. You know when you go to Greggs and you get given a bake that's been sat on the display shelves for most of the day? I got lucky, a new batch of the vegan steak bake has been put out. It looked the same as a steak bake and tasted similar but not the same, the Quorn wasn't rubbery like steak can be, it was tender and combined with the onions and gravy? *chefs kiss*

Are you doing veganuary?


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