Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How to curate your Instagram feed

A screenshot of my instagram feed
While we've been in quarantine, I've noticed that a lot of us have become more creative. Before lockdown, creating content was a lot easier because backgrounds, locations, tools etc were more accessible and now, we've been forced to make do with what we have and adapt to our new reality. 

I've taken this time to sort the mess that was my Instagram feed and I thought I'd put together a post with all the resources I've been using and would recommend to anyone trying to curate or clean up their feed. 

How I take photos:
I take my photos on an iPhone 11 in photo mode, older photos from March 2020 or earlier were taken on an iPhone 8 plus or Olympus pen E-PL7. Please note, a camera is not necessary for taking good quality photos like they say, a good workman never blames his tools. 

How I edit:
I mainly shoot using natural light but if I want to edit a photo e.g. before and after shots when I'm playing around with my camera, I edit using Lightroom, there's a free mobile version in the app store and I play around with all the different features until I get the desired look. I also use Unfold (app) and the FF1 templates (£1.99) to create photos like the CDG converse one on my grid. If I want 9 photos in one post like the one where I'm wearing a pink dressing gown on my grid, I favourite the 9 shots that I want to use, screenshot and crop the border. 

How I plan:
You see how all of my photos blend well together? To achieve this, I use Feedr (app) to plan my feed to avoid posting and deleting it immediately after. I try to plan each row at a time to keep the same vibe across a row. To schedule posts, I use buffer but usually, I publish automatically.

And that's it, nice and simple. 


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