Francisca Rockey is a 19-year-old London based lifestyle blogger, podcast host and geography student at York St John University. 

Her blog, 'Francisca Rockey' formely known as 'Fran's world' was created in 2014. 14-year-old Fran was lonely, desperate for friendship with people who shared the same interests, starting to grow. 19 nearly 20-year-old Fran is none of those things. She is confident, opinionated, no longer force friendships for the sake of appearing to have lots of friends, she has grown and  is continuing to grow daily, weekly, monthly and with each year of adulthood. You would hardly recognise the girl  she was when she started this blog. 

So, welcome to Francisca Rockey, a no-bullshit blog documenting the journey that is adulthood through.
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